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Team profile

Team name:Team Illusion
More team info:ITBYC Forum
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Team members: Mizz3n

Challenge History
Date Winning Team Ranking Losing Team   Ranking   Score Points
2010-03-30RKN TeamUp 3Team IllusionDown 13-014
2008-10-29Team Rumbilical BrothersUp 1Team IllusionDown 13-019
2008-10-23Team One Australia~Team Illusion~2-117
2008-10-23Team One Australia~Team Illusion~3-023
2008-10-10Team Aussiemite~Team Illusion~2-19
2008-09-18Team Aussiemite~Team Illusion~2-111
2008-09-11Team Illusion~Team Rumbilical Brothers~2-113
2008-09-11Team Skandia~Team Illusion~3-09
2008-09-05Team Illusion~Victorious Secret~2-116
2008-09-05Team Illusion~Team One Australia~2-17
2008-08-28Team IllusionUp 1Team AussiemiteDown 12-122
2008-08-21Team Illusion~Victorious Secret~3-020
2008-08-14Team Illusion~Team One Australia~2-110
2008-08-14Team Skandia~Team Illusion~2-17
2008-08-08Team IllusionUp 2Team Rumbilical BrothersDown 12-117
2008-08-08Team Illusion~Team One Australia~2-112
2008-07-24Team Aussiemite~Team Illusion~2-110
2008-07-18Victorious SecretUp 1Team IllusionDown 13-013
2008-07-12Team IllusionUp 2Team Rumbilical BrothersDown 12-120
2008-07-11Team Skandia~Team Illusion~2-18
2008-07-03Team Aussiemite~Team Illusion~3-012
2008-06-27Victorious Secret~Team Illusion~3-013
2008-06-22Team One AustraliaUp 1Team IllusionDown 13-022
2008-06-22Team One AustraliaUp 2Team IllusionDown 13-024
2008-06-20Team Skandia~Team Illusion~2-112
2008-06-19Team Illusion~Team One Australia~3-06
2008-06-12Team IllusionUp 1Team Rumbilical BrothersDown 13-021
2008-06-12Team Illusion~Team One Australia~3-09
2008-05-29Team IllusionUp 2Victorious SecretDown 13-019
2008-05-29Team Illusion~Team One Australia~3-012
2008-05-23Team Skandia~Team Illusion~2-112
2008-05-22Team Rumbilical Brothers~Team Illusion~2-111
2008-05-09Victorious Secret~Team Illusion~3-017
2008-05-01Team IllusionUp 6Team SkandiaDown 13-019
2008-05-01Team Illusion~Team One Australia~3-016
2008-04-29Team Rumbilical Brothers~Team Illusion~3-013
2008-04-18Team Skandia~Team Illusion~2-115
2008-04-18Victorious Secret~Team Illusion~2-118
2008-04-16Victorious Secret~Team Illusion~2-120