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VSK Team Challenge
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Team profile

Team name:Canaglie Racing Team
Club:Canaglie Racing Team
More team info:ITBYC Forum
Request challenge:ITBYC Forum
Download skin:RC44 CRT 5
Team members: Kanaja (admin)
ZeroGio (admin)
2009 World Team Race Champions

Challenge History
Date Winning Team Ranking Losing Team   Ranking   Score Points
2011-03-25Canaglie Racing Team~I-Team Forever~3-07
2011-03-25Canaglie Racing Team~Euro Stars Team Vikings~2-18
2011-03-25Canaglie Racing Team~BWS Racing Team~2-110
2011-03-25Canaglie Racing Team~OnDe Rock~3-05
2011-03-25Canaglie Racing Team~VSKFunsters~3-08
2011-03-24NOR Steam Union~Canaglie Racing Team~3-013
2011-03-18I-War TeamUp 3Canaglie Racing TeamDown 12-118
2011-01-17Canaglie Racing Team~Team Aussiemite~3-215
2011-01-17Canaglie Racing Team~I-War Team~3-113
2011-01-17Canaglie Racing Team~VSK Fun Greenhorns~3-09
2010-11-28Team USAUp 3Canaglie Racing TeamDown 12-119
2010-03-29Canaglie Racing Team~Team Lupidimare~3-07
2010-03-29Canaglie Racing Team~OnDe Rock~3-06
2010-03-29Canaglie Racing Team~Kozak Team~3-09
2010-03-29I-War TeamUp 7Canaglie Racing TeamDown 13-020
2010-03-23Canaglie Racing Team~Euro Stars Team Vikings~3-09
2010-03-18RUSTeamUp 9Canaglie Racing TeamDown 12-122
2010-02-04Team DenmarkUp 2Canaglie Racing TeamDown 13-021
2009-11-21Canaglie Racing Team~NOR Steam One~2-19
2009-09-18Canaglie Racing TeamUp 1Team extra dryDown 14-117
2009-07-17Team extra dryUp 1Canaglie Racing TeamDown 12-116
2009-04-20Canaglie Racing Team~Team Aussiemite~2-115
2009-04-20Canaglie Racing TeamUp 2Team extra dryDown 12-117
2009-04-17Canaglie Racing Team~Team USA~3-016
2009-04-07Canaglie Racing Team~NOR Steam One~2-112
2009-04-07Canaglie Racing Team~VSKipper Shark Team~2-18
2009-04-07Canaglie Racing Team~VSKipper Medusa Team~3-08
2009-04-07Canaglie Racing Team~Ghost Challenge~3-011
2009-03-30ABnormal TeamUp 1Canaglie Racing TeamDown 14-319
2009-01-20Canaglie Racing Team~Team Aussiemite~4-020
2009-01-15Team USAUp 1Canaglie Racing TeamDown 12-113
2009-01-09Canaglie Racing Team~NOR Steam One~3-013
2009-01-07Canaglie Racing Team~Team Skandia~2-123
2008-12-07Canaglie Racing TeamUp 2Team extra dryDown 12-118
2008-11-27Canaglie Racing Team~VSKFunsters~3-013
2008-11-17Canaglie Racing TeamUp 1ABnormal TeamDown 13-015
2008-09-19Canaglie Racing Team~VSKipper Shark Team~2-112
2008-05-02Team Lupidimare~Canaglie Racing Team~4-316
2008-04-21Canaglie Racing TeamUp 6NOR Steam UnionDown 13-221
2008-04-19Team Denmark~Canaglie Racing Team~4-220
2008-04-03Canaglie Racing Team~VSKFunsters~2-116
2008-04-01Canaglie Racing Team~SPQR Race~2-115
2008-03-12Canaglie Racing TeamUp 4Team Rumbilical BrothersDown 12-114
2008-03-04Team USA~Canaglie Racing Team~3-013