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Team profile

Team name:NOR Steam Union
More team info:ITBYC Forum
Request challenge:ITBYC Forum
Download skin:Union Red Union Blue
Team members: euphoria (admin)
hula (admin)
nuuk (admin)
Update: Union of 2005 has changed name to NOR Steam Union and is now one of two teams under the NORwegianSTEAM umbrella. Info below to be updated.

The Union is a club team for members of ITBYC. The team name is a reference to the old Union between Sweden and Norway, which ended in 1905. Our team was founded in 2005, hence the Union was recreated after a break of 100 years. The number of countries represented in the union has increased due to retiring original members.

Team calendar:

Challenge History
Date Winning Team Ranking Losing Team   Ranking   Score Points
2012-05-05NOR Steam Union~Team extra dry~4-314
2012-03-20NOR Steam Union~VSKFunsters~3-27
2012-03-12NOR Steam Union~ABnormal Team~3-08
2012-02-23NOR Steam Union~Euro Stars Team Vikings~3-05
2012-02-22NOR Steam Union~ISAF Racing~2-17
2012-02-22NOR Steam Union~team Cattivik~3-06
2012-02-15NOR Steam Union~united nACCions team~3-06
2011-05-04NOR Steam Union~Team extra dry~4-315
2011-03-24NOR Steam Union~Canaglie Racing Team~3-013
2011-03-07NOR Steam Union~Team Europe~3-04
2011-03-06NOR Steam Union~RKN Team~3-05
2011-03-02NOR Steam Union~Vskipper Tiger Shark Team~3-07
2011-02-16NOR Steam Union~VSK Fun Greenhorns~3-07
2010-05-06NOR Steam Union~Team Denmark~4-316
2010-04-12NOR Steam Union~Team extra dry~3-017
2010-04-08NOR Steam Union~ScioScio Team~3-07
2010-03-27Euro Stars Team ItaliaUp 11NOR Steam UnionDown 12-121
2010-03-15NOR Steam Union~Team Europe~3-05
2010-03-14NOR Steam Union~Team Aussiemite~2-117
2010-03-11NOR Steam Union~VSK Fun Greenhorns~3-010
2010-03-08NOR Steam Union~Rebels Yacht Club Red~3-011
2009-04-01NOR Steam Union~NOR Steam One~3-214
2008-04-21Canaglie Racing TeamUp 6NOR Steam UnionDown 13-221
2008-04-03NOR Steam Union~VSKipper Shark Team~3-09
2008-04-01NOR Steam Union~Team Skandia~3-012
2008-04-01NOR Steam Union~ScioScio Team~3-010
2008-03-16NOR Steam Union~Team Lupidimare~3-011
2007-04-13New EnglandUp 3NOR Steam UnionDown 12-120
2007-04-09NOR Steam Union~Team Lupidimare~2-111
2007-03-23NOR Steam Union~Team Skandia~3-011
2007-03-23ABnormal TeamUp 3NOR Steam UnionDown 12-121
2007-03-07NOR Steam Union~A-Team~2-111
2007-02-05NOR Steam Union~VSKipper Shark Team~2-111
2006-11-27NOR Steam Union~Team extra dry~2-114
2006-10-27NOR Steam UnionUp 1Australia GoldDown 2Walkover
2006-06-24Team Russia #1Up 3NOR Steam UnionDown 14-117
2006-05-18NOR Steam Union~Team Sweden~3-010
2006-04-26NOR Steam Union~Team VSKA~3-011
2006-04-21NOR Steam Union~Team VSKE~3-014
2006-02-22NOR Steam Union~Team Sweden~3-012
2006-01-10Team extra dry~NOR Steam Union~2-118
2005-12-01NOR Steam UnionUp 1Team DenmarkDown 12-112
2005-11-08Team extra dryUp 1NOR Steam UnionDown 12-122
2005-10-18NOR Steam Union~Friends in the wind~2-111
2005-07-06NOR Steam Union~Team Europe~2-114
2005-07-05NOR Steam Union~Team extra dry~2-014
2005-05-08Team GermanyOneUp 2NOR Steam UnionDown 13-017
2005-04-24NOR Steam UnionUp 1ITBYC USADown 12-116
2005-04-13NOR Steam Union~ABnormal Team~2-115
2005-03-28NOR Steam Union~Team DenmarkDown 13-016