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Random Pairs Cup

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Random Pairs Cup

Introduction: Random Pairs Cup is a short and intensive regatta format which lasts for 2 hours. It's open for exactly 8 skippers who are doing 7 races, lasting 10 minutes each. The 8 skippers are divided on two servers doing 2 vs 2 team races. There are new team compilations for every race. At the end of the day, you will have done 7 races with 7 different team mates. And you will have raced every other skipper twice. This RPC service at ITBYC enables you to create your own RPC events and have race tables automatically created, with scores being updated from race to race. PS! Do not sign up to an event unless you are sure you will be present for 2 hours of racing.

Latest RPC Events
Date Time Title Event Admin Entries Status
Saturday February 11th 201221:00 CETRPC 11/02/2012ryh008/8Completed
Friday February 10th 201221:00 CETRPC 10/02/2012ryh008/8Completed
Friday January 27th 201221:00 CETFriday RPCnuuk8/8Completed
Sunday January 15th 201221:00 CETSunday RPCFix oder Nix8/8Completed
Saturday January 14th 201221:00 CETSaturday RPCFix oder Nix8/8Completed
Friday January 13th 201221:00 CETISAF Racing Fix oder Nix8/8Completed
Tuesday January 3rd 201221:00 CETDouble kickDimitriy8/8Completed
Sunday January 1st 201221:00 CETKickoff 2012nuuk8/8Completed
Friday December 30th 201121:00 CETX-mas cup 3euphoria8/8Completed
Thursday December 29th 201121:00 CETX-mas cup 2nuuk8/8Completed


RPC Ranking - Top 25

  Country Boat name Team Club Events Level
1 RUSPArusRUSTeamYacht Skipper Russia876%
2 NOReuphoriaNOR Steam UnionITBYC574%
3 GERnuukNOR Steam UnionITBYC1464%
4 UKRDimitriyRUSTeamYacht Skipper Russia864%
5 DENminidenNOR Steam UnionITBYC663%
6 ITAtrapaneseI-War Team262%
7 GERLyrTeam extra dryITBYC361%
8 DENRakosiTeam extra dryVSK Match260%
9 RUSPobedaRUSTeamVSK Fun759%
10 UKRtayfunRUSTeam658%
11 GERJokerVSKFunstersVSK Fun958%
12 SUIPeppinoVSKFunstersVSK Fun1057%
13 GERFix oder NixTeam Tricky WindsITBYC1456%
14 GBRarcTeam EuropeITBYC255%
15 POLryh00POL-VSC Drink Team255%
16 GERcasinoTeam extra dryITBYC654%
17 GBRBuoyRacerEuro Stars Team Vikings153%
18 UKRAleks470Kozak Team153%
19 FRACousto152%
20 BULJulienEuro Stars Team Vikings952%
21 GERFlying SpiritVSK Fun GreenhornsVSK Fun351%
22 NEDVriend!Team extra dryITBYC151%
23 RUSsergeysailRUSTeamYacht Skipper Russia351%
24 MLTDRN MLTE.S.Team PiratesEuro Stars Team251%
25 POLArturPolPOL-VSC Drink TeamPolish Virtual Sailing Club450%